Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs
Historical Drive-In Movie Quiz


Complete the Quote:

1. "Ash"
Army of Darkness

2. "Fluently."
The Adventures of Robin Hood

3. "an English accent"
Robin Hood: Men In Tights

4. "the nipples"
The Lion in Winter

5. "my father's palace"; "Valley of the Sun"
Son of Ali Baba

Bonus points:
"Yondah lies the castle of my faddah [father]."
The Black Shield of Falworth

6. "Inconceivable!"
The Princess Bride

7. "blood"
The Conqueror

8. "a hamster"; "elderberries"
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

9. This is a trick question; there are two correct answers:
(1) "vessel with the pestle"; "chalice from the palace"
(2) "flagon with the dragon"; "the vessel with the pestle"
The Court Jester

10. "a Viking."
Prince Valiant

Match the Movie with its Tag Line:


1. G.
2. O.
3. D.
4. E.
5. L.
6. F.
7. M.
8. C.
9. B.
10. N.
11. J.
12. I.
13. K.
14. H.
15. A.

Multiple Choice:

1. C. Jack and shit
2. B. Spaghetti. "As Romeo loved Juliet Capuletti, so Marco Polo loves his spaghetti."
3. A. the fires of Hell
4. D. Religion
5. C. Brains
6. A. the Poles
7. D. a Mongol
8. D. swine
9. A. balls
10. C. what he will die of
11. D. mule
12. B. coat of arms
13. D. eating
14. A. vile
15. C. the Pope, Jesus


1. T
2. T
3. F Mary was The Other Boleyn Girl.
4. T
5. F The three-bladed rocket sword featured in The Sword and the Sorceror
6. F Pathfinder was about an orphaned Viking raised by Amerindians.
7. T
8. T
9. T d'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers; Valentine d'Artagnan's dad in La Femme Musketeer.
10. F
11. T
12. T
13. T
14. F They played chess.
15. F Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor never met in real life.
16. F He played the role of Iago.
17. T
18. T
19. F There is much that is completely wrong in Elizabeth, historically speaking.
20. F At least three times he's said to "Check something else out."