Here's what some of those who have attended David's presentations have said about them:

The members couldn't stop talking about how unique of a presentation you gave. (D.S.)

I want to thank you for such an informative and interesting presentation. Everyone was asking for your return. I hope you will consider revisiting us? (E.)

Heraldry was a new topic for us and it was so interesting plus it sparked many good questions and a lot of good conversation at then! (J.H.)

We all enjoyed your excellent presentation... The slides were beautiful and informative. Your narrative was most inclusive. (L.J.)

What a wonderful presentation!  Thank you so much for the program. I am getting texts of appreciation [for this presentation via Zoom]. (C.N.)

Thank you so much for coming to our little town, and giving your terrific presentation! We’ve been getting such great feedback on it, and everyone really enjoyed learning about a topic that we hadn’t covered in-depth yet. (C.F.)

Really enjoyed and learned so much.  I had no knowledge of the subject matter and it was so interesting. Thanks once again for this valuable resource. (D.M.H.)

We very much enjoyed your presentation. (E.G.)

I want to thank you for the informative, interesting, and successful presentation you gave. The moment you began to speak it was clear that we made the right decision in choosing you to speak to us. You did an amazing job of entertaining and educating us on heraldry. You were marvelous and we hope you will come back to speak to us again someday. (M.F.)

I got great feedback on your presentation. (A.D.)

You know what's cool about talking with David Appleton? He gets you thinking about recording your family history... (R.K. on Facebook, August 30, 2014)

Thank you David for sharing your knowledge with us. Many of the members came to me after the meeting and told me how much they enjoyed for your presentation. (D.F.)

I've had several comments from members on how much they enjoyed your presentation. (E.F.)

[Our organization] is still talking about your program and how wonderful it was! (T.W.)

Thank you for a wonderful program. You will definitely be obtaining some future speaking engagements based upon all of the positive feedback I received for Saturday's program. I look forward to hearing you again. (V.L.)

Your lecture, An Introduction to Genealogical Research in New England, was very well received by our members and guests. The information in your talk was both fascinating and appropriate to the genealogy experience in our society. The breadth of information that you shared during the talk was impressive. A nice feature was how you personalized some of your family history research and explained how your heraldry expertise aided the genealogical research work. (S.H.)

A huge thank you. You know your subject well. (V.C.)

Heard a lot of good comments during the meet and greet after your presentation. (P.J.)

Thank you for sharing your expertise in this fascinating subject! (D.M.)

I heard so many good comments on your presentation and "the ladies" [of the Magna Charta Dames] really enjoyed visiting with you. (J.P.)

I knew practically nothing about heraldry and learned a lot that evening as did our members. It's always a good sign when there are questions and I know you answered a lot - both during and after the meeting. (J.B.)

[One Approach to] Writing Your Family History seemed to go over very well. One [attendee] said they really liked your suggestions on writing a family history - seems as if you encouraged the person enough that they will be trying to start. (B.T.)

[Speaker evaluation comments from a conference included:] From the "Great presentation!" to "lively presentation" to "Really enjoyed!" "Thanks!" and note of your "enthusiasm." I was especially pleased to see such comments as "Great how he applied this to genealogy." "A great piece of history and genealogy resource." "Good direction for further research." (B.T.)

One person commented on the extra handouts you provided with websites - "He goes the extra mile." (B.T.)

We were honored to hear you . Everyone loved the talk. (T.W.)

Thank you so much for speaking. Your family books for gifts [outlined in "One Approach to Publishing Your Family History"] is such an excellent idea. Wow! (R.J.)

Thank you, again, for the presentation last night. We really enjoyed it! (M.K.)

It was a good program and I will recommend you to other groups. (P.A.)

I spoke up concerning our speakers program for next year ... and mentioned that the society would benefit from your vast knowledge of heraldry and other related records. (M.S.)

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