Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs
Historical Drive-In Movie Quiz

(With a Tip of the Cowboy Hat to Daniel de Lincoln)

(All of the Answers can be found here.)

There is a possible total score of 70 points (one point per correct answer), plus in the first section, Question 5 has two potential bonus points.

Complete the quote. Each answer will have two parts: the remainder of the quote, and the title of the movie in which it is found. (Where a quote is given with a diagonal line (/), that line separates two different speakers.)

1. My name is _______________, and I am a slave.

2. Why, you speak treason! / _______________.

3. Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with _______________.

4. I'd hang you from _______________, but it would shock the children.

5. This is _______________, and yonder lies the _______________.

For two bonus points, give the line the way it is famously misquoted, and name the movie in which it is supposed to have been delivered.

6. _______________! / You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

7. I feel this Tartar woman is for me, and my _______________ says, take her.

8. "Your mother was _______________, and your father smelt of _______________."

9. "The pellet with the poison's in the _______________; the _______________ has the brew that is true."

10. "All that we know about the Viking is that he is _______________."

Match the movie with its tag line:

1. The Arena A. Before Romeo and Juliet, there was ....

2. Army of Darkness B. For the honor of a king. And the destiny of a country.

3. Black Knight C. He will rock you.

4. The Conqueror D. He's about to get medieval on you.

5. El Cid E. I fight! I love! I conquer ... like a Barbarian!

6. The High Crusade F. In space, a heathen is still a heathen.

7. Just Visiting G. In an age of gladiators... Destiny lies at the end of a sword

8. A Knight's Tale H. Love is the only inspiration.

9. The Man in the Iron Mask I. Love is the greatest adventure of all.

10. A Midsummer Night's Dream J. Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale.

11. The Princess Bride K. The legend had it coming...

12. Robin and Marian L. The greatest romance and adventure in a thousand years!

13. Robin Hood: Men in Tights M. They're not just from another time. They're from France.

14. Shakespeare in Love N. Three hundred years in the making!

15. Tristan and Isolde O. Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.

Multiple Choice

1. In Army of Darkness, Ash (Bruce Campbell) says: "You ain't leadin' two things now __________." Those two things are:
A. Deadites and schemps
B. Men and women
C. Jack and shit
D. Them and me

2. In Marco, Marco Polo (Desi Arnaz, Jr.) bursts into song about:
A. Princess Alian
B. Spaghetti
C. Khublai Khan
D. Bactrian camels

3. In Saint Joan, the Earl of Warwick states, "England is a cold country, Your Eminence; we have no fear of __________."
A. the fires of Hell
B. the fiery Spaniard
C. the infidels of the desert
D. the fjords of Norway

4. In 1993's The Three Musketeers, M'Lady states that, "With a flick of my wrist I could change your __________."
A. Voice
B. Life
C. Looks
D. Religion

5. In Prince of Foxes, Andrea Orsini (Tyrone Power) says, ""Sit lightly, my friend, lest you injure your __________."
A. Leg
B. Ego
C. Brains
D. Foot

6. In Taras Bulba, Taras Bulba (Yul Brynner) says, "Put your faith in your sword and your sword in __________."
A. the Poles
B. the Russians
C. the Germans
D. its sheath

7. In 1944's Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Abdullah (played by Andy Devine), says, "Oh, let me go. I haven't killed __________ all day."
A. a thief
B. a tall, cool one
C. time like this
D. a Mongol

8. In Ian McKellen's Richard III, Shakespeare wrote the line, "Wretched, bloody, and usurping __________."
A. dog
B. rat
C. cow
D. swine

9. In Cutthroat Island, Morgan Adams (Geena Davis) says, "By the way, that won't work. You see, I took your __________."
A. balls
B. powder
C. flint
D. pistol

10. In the miniseries Merlin, the Chief Physician states that, "Trust us. If we treat a knight for a broken arm, that is __________."
A. what he will be cured of
B. where we will bleed him
C. what he will die of
D. what is wrong with him

11. In Shakespeare in Love, the following exchange takes place: "Is she obedient?" "As any __________ in Christendom."
A. wife
B. dog
C. maid
D. mule

12. In Dangerous Beauty, Marco Venier (Rufus Sewell) notes that, "A __________ does not an inheritance make."
A. high-born name
B. coat of arms
C. hovel
D. bag of money

13. In The Black Swan, Jamie Waring (Tyrone Power) says, "Don't argue with me while I'm __________."
A. winning
B. losing
C. in the head
D. eating

14. In 10 Things I Hate About You, a modern updating of The Taming of the Shrew, Kat Stratford notes, "You're not as __________ as I thought you were."
A. vile
B. nice
C. ugly
D. good-looking

15. In A Knight's Tale, Roland (Mark Addy) observes that "Well, __________ may be French, but __________ is English."
A. Louis, Edward
B. frog legs, boiled beef
C. the Pope, Jesus
D. fleurs-de-lis, a lion passant guardant


1. _____ In Hercules Against the Mongols, the Mongols attack Tudela, Spain.
2. _____ Shakespeare's Macbeth has been set at least twice in restaurants rather than Scotland.
3. _____ The Other Boleyn Girl of the title was Anne.
4. _____ Long before she bossed around James Bond, Judi Dench played faerie queen Titania.
5. _____ The "Amazing Ronco Rocket Sword" features in the movie Deathstalker IV.
6. _____ The New World is about an orphaned Viking boy raised by Amerindians.
7. _____ Polonius' talk to Ophelia about Hamlet could be summed up as, "That boy ain't right."
8. _____ "I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means 'No.'" in Pirates of the Caribbean.
9. _____ In different films, Michael York has played D'Artagnan and D'Artagnan's father.
10. _____ The description "fiery Druid maiden" means it's got to be a good movie.
11. _____ Dragon Storm could just as easily have been named Dragons From Space.
12. _____ According to Caesar, his family crest proves his descent from the goddess Venus.
13. _____ In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur thinks the Black Knight is "a loonie."
14. _____ In The Seventh Seal, a returned Crusader plays checkers with Death.
15. _____ Mary, Queen of Scots accurately portrays Mary's two meetings with Elizabeth I.
16. _____ Ian McKellen made a really great Othello.
17. _____ To find the Holy Grail, you must cross the Bridge of Death over the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
18. _____ The Name of the Rose had a heraldry advisor, but no heraldry to speak of in the movie.
19. _____ Cate Blanchett's Elizabeth was historically faithful.
20. _____ Da'ud Bob always tells you to "Check it out!"