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Self-paced computer-based educational programs

These are PowerPoint digital educational slide-shows which can be run on any PC using PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer. (PowerPoint Viewer is included on the CD-ROM with any or all of these programs.) They cover different facets of the field of heraldry, and are designed to be entertaining as well as educational.

If you are interested in seeing what these programs are like, we have a sampler program available for download here, which contains an excerpt from each of the programs available below.

Any and all of these programs can be ordered directly from the website by clicking on the appropriate "Add to Cart" buttons below, or by mail by using one of our order forms which can be found here.

The programs currently available are:

An Introduction to Heraldry for Genealogists is pretty much summed up by its title. This program discusses, in layman's terms: the origins of heraldry; the various bits and pieces of an "achievement of arms"; determining the colors of black and white drawings of coats of arms; where to look for armorial clues to a genealogy; how to use armory in your own genealogy; and corrects a couple of common misconceptions about heraldry. (Item No. BL 090) ($5.00)
Blazon 100 is an introduction to some of the basic terms of heraldic blazon, and includes the field, the tinctures (the colors used in heraldry, as shown here on a screen shot taken from the part of the program discussing heraldic tinctures), major lines of division, and specialized heraldic charges called ordinaries and subordinaries, with the use of real-life examples of these from coats of arms from around the world. (Item No. BL 100)
Blazon 101 is a continuation of Blazon 100, continuing the introduction to the basic terms of heraldic blazon with the complex lines of division and the categories of common heraldic charges: geometric, animate, and others. Again, real-life examples from around the world are used extensively. (Item No. BL 101) ($5.00)
Blazon 102 is a discussion of the grammar of blazon, a graphic presentation of how the blazon (the verbal description) of a coat of arms matches the emblazon (the picture) of that coat of arms. The word order, the grammar, determines what the picture will look like, and this is shown graphically in a step-by-step manner, with exercises for the participant at the end to gauge how well the principles have been comprehended. An understanding of the basic terms of heraldic blazon (the names of the tinctures, ordinaries, and some standard charges) is a prerequisite. Or, as a friend of mine said, it helps if you "know the difference between rampant and gules." (Item No. BL 102) ($5.00)
Blazon 200 is a discussion of early heraldic style (that is to say, the heraldic style of the 11th through 14th Centuries). A graphical discourse (as shown here in the example from the program discussing "Balance") of some of the underlying principles, with examples, of the manner of heraldic design from its beginnings through the late 14th Century. What makes "early" style heraldry different from the later heraldry of the Renaissance and later periods? (Item No. BL 200) ($5.00)
Blazon 205 is an introduction to the "heraldic" insignia of the Mamluks of Syria and Egypt in the 13th to 16th Centuries. While not true heraldry in the usual sense, the Mamluk dynasties of the late Middle Ages used a system of armorial ensigns [a couple of which are shown in this screen shot from the program) which shared many features with heraldry as we know it. A brief chronology of the Mamluks is followed by a discussion of their system of armory, with examples taken from contemporary artifacts. (Item No. BL 205)

Blazon: The Works. A CD-ROM with all of the above Blazon programs on it, plus two free screensavers. If you have a preference of screensavers when ordering this CD, please let us know which two of those below you would like. (Item No. CD01) ($25.00)

Or you can custom order these programs on CD-ROM. Choose any three or four of our Blazon programs at the regular price, and add the screensaver of your choice from our selection listed below for free.


We have a number of screensavers available, most with heraldic themes. You may also download a free sampler screensaver here, with images from our themed screensavers below.

18th Century British Century Coats of Arms (20 different images) (Item No. SS03)
Oxford University and its Colleges (21 different images) (Item No. SS05) ($5.00)
Coats of arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism and its various kingdoms and corporate officers (27 different images) (Item No. SS01) ($5.00)
Scottish Clan Tartans and Arms, along with the clan crest, plant badge, motto and/or war cry, and list of related septs (23 different clans) (Item No. SS04) ($5.00)
German Coats of Arms ("Small" - four coats of arms per image) (24 different images) (Item No. SS07) ($5.00)
German Coats of Arms ("Large" - one coat of arms per image) (15 different images) (Item No. SS08) ($5.00)

German Coats of Arms ("All" - a combination of the above two) (as expected, 39 different images) (Item No. SS09) ($10.00)
Royal Canadian Air Force squadron badges and unit insignia patches (21 different images) (Item No. SS14) ($5.00)
Nine Worthies and Nine Female Worthies. Attributed arms of the three Jewish, three pagan, and three Christian "Worthies", both male and female, of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. (18 different images) (Item No. SS15) ($5.00)
Coats of arms of the S.C.A. Kingdom of Ansteorra and Its Baronies (15 different images) (Item No. SS02) ($5.00)
German naval ships with their flags and coats of arms, from a series of postcards taken in 1914 (28 different images) (Item No. SS10) ($5.00)
Arms of the World, national coats of arms from around the world as depicted in a work on geography published in Italy in 1863 (30 different images) (Item No. SS11) ($5.00)
German and Swiss Civic Arms on whimsical postcards (13 different images) (Item No. SS06) ($5.00)

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