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What exactly is "heraldry"? What does it have to do with coats of arms and "family crests"? A brief discussion of what heraldry is, with links to other informative documents on the web, may be found here.

What does Appleton Studios have to do with heraldry?

We offer (you may click on either the picture or the blue link in each row):

Profusely illustrated speaker presentations on heraldry, its history, its functions, its specialized language, and its utility for genealogists
Heraldic books, coloring books and educational games
Used and remaindered heraldry books
Heraldic clipart
PowerPoint™ educational presentations of heraldic topics for the computer
Computer screensavers with heraldic themes
Research of coats of arms and heraldry, historical and modern. Contact us about this here.
Personalized consultation regarding armory and coats of arms. Contact us about this here.
Applications of heraldry in the home today (how coats of arms and heraldry are and can be used in personal and architectural adornment, interior decorating, etc.)
Needlework embroidery charts of miscellaneous heraldic charges and officers badges of the Society for Creative Anachronism
Custom needlework embroidery charts of coats of arms and heraldic charges, beasts, birds, monsters, etc. Contact us about this here.
A listing of previous and upcoming lectures, books and articles may be found here.

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