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Another two years have flown by, and it's time for our latest volume of Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs Goes to the Movies! Volume XIV (yes, that's at full 28 years that we've been writing these movie reviews!) is now available. Be sure to "check it out!" on our Da'ud Bob page here, or you can order it (or any of our other Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs Goes to the Movies volumes, or "The Compleat Da'ud Bob" collection) from our order forms (either in Word format or in .pdf format). Want to know of any of your favorite movies about the Middle Ages or Renaissance have been reviewed already? See the complete list of published reviews here. And, of course, you can always see the current month's movie review here; there's a new one every month, you know!

Or you can always est your knowledge of many of the movies we have reviewed over the years and take the Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs Historical Drive-In Movie Quiz! Take the test on-line here, or download a .pdf version here. And then compare your results with the Answers found here.

Yet another fiscal year has passed and we finished our eleventh year's worth of our 3"x3" heraldic cross-stitch charts, and so have added these latest twelve patterns to our ever-increasing collection. (These most recent charts bring our total up to 132 charts of heraldic charges!) This last year's collection includes the following charges: Anchor; Apple (German, 1605); Bell; Crampons in saltire; Cross patty/formy; Hungerford knot; Lion's head cabossed; Mullet of eight points; Shield1 (German, 1555); Shield2 (German, 1555); Tudor rose; Wings in lure. You can purchase this newest set of charts, or any of our earlier sets, or even a CD-ROM with all 132 needlework charts, from our order forms (either in Word format or in .pdf format) or from the links on our Needlework page.

We've added a new page to the website: there is now a "Presentations" page that lists our profusely illustrated speaker presentations and gives a brief synopsis of each one. We hope that this will be helpful in explaining what these talks are all about and what subjects they cover. Check out our Presentations page for all of this information.

We keep regularly adding new entries to our web log, or blog, about heraldry. The blog is musings of one kind or another about some of the heraldry that we see, or find, or run across in our research. The hope is that our readers will find it informative, educational and of interest. We also have links to some of the better on-line armorials and ordinaries, heraldry websites, heraldry books, heraldic clipart and other blogs about heraldry, to all of which we continue to add as we find good ones. We encourage you to check it out and, if you find it interesting, to drop back by on a regular basis to see what's new. Or you can become a Follower and get updates emailed directly to your in-box. (There's a link to do that down the left-hand column on the blog's page.) You can find our blog, Heraldry: Musings about an esoteric topic on-line at http://blog.appletonstudios.com

Drop by our Free Stuff page, where we will place various goodies that you can access or download for free.

Our free needlework chart for this month has been uploaded here (or you can use the link on our Free Stuff page). (These needlework charts are a series of charts of various heraldic charges. They are in .pdf format, but if you'd prefer one of these free charts as a .jpg or .gif or in some other format, please feel free to write, telephone, or e-mail us at the address, telephone number, or e-mail addresses here and we will be happy to send you one! Let us know which format you prefer.)

We also sell a set that includes the first twelve of these needlework charts, another set that features the second twelve, a third set that features the third dozen, and so on up through the ninth dozen. Or you can get a CD-ROM with all 108 charts on it (each chart is 3"x3", 18 stitches/inch). More information and a description of what these packages include can be found here.

Naturally, we're hoping that you will see actual examples of what we can produce and ask us to create charts of larger, more complex heraldic works, or customized needlework or embroidery charts on any subject. In the meantime, though, we are finding it a fun project that let's us combine our various interests - heraldry and textile arts - and we hope that you may find them entertaining and educational as well.

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